“Ilex Crenata, more commonly known as Japanese Holly, is an evergreen shrub, very similar in appearance to Buxus (Box) and is typically used for hedging or beautiful dense topiary. The small leaves are rounded, dark green and glossy, very similar in appearance to Buxus, but can be identified by its alternate (not opposite) leaf arrangement and the crenate/toothed margin. Its resistance to pests and diseases, in particular leaf spot, rust or blight, make it an ideal substitute. In late spring, it produces a delicate white flower followed in autumn by small insignificant black berries.”

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    Topiary is the art of sculpting trees and plants into formal shapes, beautiful topiary plants have long been an enduring feature of great gardens and landscapes.

    There are several species of plant which lend themselves perfectly to topiary, these include Buxus, Ilex, Juniperus, Pinus and Taxus, all of which are perfectly adaptable to our climate as well as being relatively slow growing and so easily keep the shapes they have been pruned to. Topiary shapes can be used as single pieces, or in groups, to give structure, interest and form to your garden. They give an added dimension to your herbaceous borders and the benefit of an evergreen presence for winter enjoyment. You can also place them either side of your front door in planters.

    Our cloud hedging in Box (Buxus sempervirens) is an increasingly popular choice. We have it available ready grown or you can make your own design and pattern from ready clipped box balls and domes. We’ll be happy to help if you are planning to create your own cloud hedge all you need is the measurement and shape of the area you want to fill with the cloud hedging.

    Mature pieces are our speciality and we are frequently called upon to search Europe for bespoke plants to fit seamlessly into a particular garden space.

    Due to the age and magnificence of the best topiary plants, they must be lifted from the ground with very large, heavy root-balls and require specialist handling skills and machinery to be moved. These mature plants are a real investment, so it is worth getting the work carried out by experienced professionals – which is why we offer a planting service to give you expert support and peace of mind.

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