“A cloud pruned Fagus sylvatica will look stunning planted into large containers, standing proudly at an entrance or doorway, or as a statement centrepiece combined with softer plants, such as grasses and perennials, to add a contrast in texture and form.”

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    Cloud pruning is a Japanese method of training trees and shrubs into shapes resembling clouds. It is known as ‘Niwaki’, the translation of which is ‘garden tree’ and are quite literally works of art for the garden.

    Plants that are cloud pruned can look very much like bonsai trees. The only difference between niwaki and bonsai is that bonsai are grown in containers and niwaki are grown in the ground.

    This method can be used on a number of deciduous or evergreen trees and shrubs. However, evergreens produce a more striking specimen and give all-year-round interest.

    Many of our cloud pruned specimens are supplied in containers, meaning we can deliver a large range all year round. The very largest of them are field-grown and so only available in autumn, winter and spring.

    While they do need some care, they are reasonably easy to manage. They are versatile plants and require very little maintenance, just cutting once a year. To maintain the quality of our plants we hand select every piece especially for its shape and form and ensure that each specimen is carefully pruned prior to its display on our nursery. We currently have Cloud Pruned trees in Pines, Olives, Beech & Hornbeam, Photinia Red Robin as well as Yew, Buxus, Ilex and Juniperus.


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