“Parrotia persica is a highly ornamental tree, native to Iran, which makes a great year round feature with something to offer in every season. In late winter/early spring, when there is little interest amongst other trees, Parrotia persica produces its flowers on the bare stems. The heart-shaped leaves follow in the spring and are bronze-violet when they emerge, turning glossy green in the summer. The autumn colour is spectacular with yellow, orange, red and violet tints.”

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    Box or cube head trees, are trees with a clean straight stem and a trained cube or box shape on top. These trees can be used as a stand-alone specimen in your garden, to give height and structure, as well as creating avenues, providing for screening and framing vistas.

    Box head trees are an extraordinary, architectural feature to have in an outdoor space. Not only do they provide height to your garden, but they are an iconic feature to own and celebrate.

    These trees are easy to maintain and can be kept within the desired dimensions, allowing them to support the architecture of a building as a higher structural element.

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