“Acer palmatum dissectum Viridis, a beautiful mound forming Japanese Maple, that offers deeply dissected, lace-like foliage and displays a bright, lime green colour throughout spring and summer. The colour is even brighter than Acer palmatum Dissectum and turns intense shades of orange and gold in the autumn. Growing to an estimated height and spread of 2 x 3 metre in 20 years, Acer palmatum Viridis is ideal for any sized garden, whether you want to create a stunning focal point or use it as an attractive back drop to other plants. This threadleaf Japanese Maple prefers a moist, well-drained soil in a sheltered position, ideally in dappled shade.”

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    Japanese Acer, also known as the Japanese Maple, is a family of deciduous ornamental trees, which are grown for their stunning foliage and delicate forms. The leaves are intensely coloured and beautifully shaped producing brilliant autumnal colours.

    The Acers are native to Asia, predominantly Japan, North Korea, South Korea and China. It was mainly the Japanese horticulturalists who developed Acers and Acer cultivars over the centuries. Japanese Acers were first introduced to Ireland in the 1800’s and have been a feature ever since.

    Acers are slow growing plants and trees and often develop a dome like architectural form when mature. Japanese Maples will add a delicate oriental tone to your garden whether they’re weeping, dwarf or more spreading forms. Acers are compact and non-invasive growers and are perfect for smaller gardens, patios and container growing.

    Examples include the delicate appearance dome shapes of the Acer Palmatum Dissectum, the Acer Pamatum with its bushy upright appearance changing red, gold, and orange in the autumn, the Acer Palmatum Chitoseyama one of the very best colour changes of vibrant reds in the autumn, The Coral bark maple Acer Palmatum Sango Kaku prized for its bright red stems which are particularly bright in the coldest winter months, and Acer Palmatum Bloodgood the perfect size for residential gardens with stunning foliage colour.

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