Parrotia persica is a highly ornamental tree, native to Iran, which makes a great year round feature with something to offer in every season.

In late winter/early spring, when there is little interest amongst other trees, Parrotia persica produces its flowers on the bare stems. The heart-shaped leaves follow in the spring and are bronze-violet when they emerge, turning glossy green in the summer. The autumn colour is spectacular with yellow, orange, red and violet tints. Once the leaves have fallen, a decorative tree remains, with whimsical branches and an attractive bark, which peels off in pieces as the tree ages, creating a beautiful camouflage pattern in green, grey, brown-pink and yellow.

The ornamental value of this tree is primarily the trunk. It is smooth but exfoliates in thin scaly plates (like a plane tree) to reveal cream, yellow and greens patches of colour.

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    Hedging elements offer a versatile alternative to trough grown instant hedging. Instead of being grown in troughs, hedging elements are grown in fields in the same way as our standard rootballed hedging. Over several years however, they are expertly nurtured and shaped to create unique hedging columns that are mature and ready to plant for instant impact in your garden.

    Each hedging element is grown as a hedge section or column that is 50 to 60cm wide and deep, and of varying height, even up to 3m tall dependent upon the species . They offer more versatility in today’s landscape and garden designs as they can be planted either adjoining each other to make an instant hedge or individually as an architectural statement due to their defined form and pillar-like qualities

    Hedging elements, like trough grown hedging offer excellent immediate hedging solutions for commercial applications. However, with a range of species and sizes, plus their creative use individually or in multiples, they can also be used to great effect in domestic homes and gardens, small and large, offering versatility and scope for numerous applications and designs.

    Hedge elements differ from normal hedge plants in that they are rectangular in shape. So a good hedge element is nicely full-bodied and equally wide in all areas. An instant full-bodied hedge can be created by planting a number of elements.

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